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Bellhop Forever

A Short story by Yoann And Velhmann that appeared in the Spirou 75th Birthday special, April 2013. Scanlation by me.

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This story gave us the opportunity to pay tribute to the exceptional longevity of the magazine and also the characters that made it famous.The difficulty being not to miss out on too much about them, knowing that this is inevitable, we ask the authors concerned to excuse us … the other difficulty is to cover all of this little world in a short six-page story. - Yoann and Vehlmann 

The Magazine cover is from Spirou reporter. The pages are a mix of my scans with pages form inedispirous unpublished comics catalog (98-102). 

I translated it because I could understand most of it myself but I’m not great at french.Thanks to my friend Thomas for helping me out with part of it.

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